Gelato Badiani 1932

The joy of artisanal Italian gelato

Our gelato is crafted in the age-old Italian tradition with modern culinary trends in mind. Born in 1932 in Florence, Badiani is one of the most famous gelato producers in the whole world.

The place has a terrace, a fresh and nice space where you could enjoy our delicious specialties overlooking the marina.

  • Monday to Sunday 9:00 am to 0:00 am
  • Also available in room service.
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    Ice cream Menu

    We bring the highest quality Italian gelato right to the heart of Sotogrande. We strive to consistently make your gelato experience a new and fun discovery, and that is why our team of artisan gelato makers, under the leadership of award-winning gelato maestro Paolo Pomposi, work tirelessly to create playful flavours that will titilate your taste buds and bring joy to your day.

    You may think we are being stylishly Italian when we use the term gelato, but the truth is, we are just being precise. Ice cream and gelato are made very differently:
  • Gelato has a creamier texture.
  • The ingredients are mixed in much more slowly to avoid the creation of air bubbles and ice particles.
  • Gelato only uses natural sources for its flavours.
  • Because gelato is served less cold than ice cream, the flavours can bloom more easily in your mouth.
  • And finally, gelato has less fat content than ice cream!

  • Apart from other varieties, fill your senses with these four exclusive Badiani signature flavours created by Paolo Pomposi:
  • BUONTALENTI - It is our world famous trademarked flavour with the shortest ingredients list on the gelato market: milk, cream, sugar and eggs. This decadent and creamy flavour is named after Bernardo Buontalenti, the Florentine inventor of Gelato.
  • BUONTALENTI PISTACCHIO - Tres capas de Buontalenti realzadas con una salsa de pistacho californiana. Una visita obligada para los amantes del pistacho.
  • LA DOLCEVITA - It was awarded the best flavour at the 2015 Gelato Festival. La Dolcevita is a contemporary reinterpretation of Buontalenti, layered with cocoa and Piedmont hazelnut sauce (another Paolo Pomposi secret recipe).
  • DARK CHOCOLATE SORBET - The creamiest chocolate sorbet in town. This 100% vegan flavour is made with Venezuelan dark chocolate.